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Follow up your business decisions

Follow up your business decisions
Companies suffering financial difficulties are not usually in a hurry to advertise the fact to their suppliers. Many companies keep quiet as long as possible, while continuing to make payment to their main suppliers. In many cases, even the company´s own employees may not know the company is performing poorly.
Take action in good time!
As a rule, once a customer begins having serious difficulties paying, it can be too late to call in outstanding debts or collect goods supplied. However, in the majority of cases, certain signals can be discerned long before the problem becomes really serious. This allows you to implement the measures required in order to avoid unnecessary credit losses.

UC offers a broad portfolio of solutions for monitoring credit decisions, developed by a team of knowledgeable experts in tandem with our customers. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out what solution best suits your company´s requirements.

UC Spektra
Monitor and follow up your business interests
Surprisingly easy to use, UC Spektra is the most advanced tool on the Swedish and Nordic markets for managing business and credit information.
A web-based tool, Spektra allows constant access to all public information available for those business contacts you have chosen to monitor, including their current Credit Score and Risk Forecast. You receive e-mails when new information comes to light, and by using Spektra´s efficient search functions you can identify those companies and consumers who have incurred records of non-payment, as well as those who have changed address or acquired property.

Create an overall picture with Integrated credit monitoring
Integrated credit follow-up, using an XML file, suits companies looking to work with financial data from UC in their own business or accounts receivable systems, and is particularly suitable for companies with a large base of customers or suppliers. If your system allows selections to be made, it can be interesting to sort those customers who, according to UC, constitute a high risk, and with whom you have outstanding receivables, for example. You can choose among upwards of 200 types of events offered by UC, or get help from our experienced staff to prioritise among the events, which include bankruptcy petitions, injunctions to pay, and address changes.