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Business information — with help from UC Selekt

UC Selekt is a business database containing comprehensive data on every company and organization in Sweden. This tool gives you the foundation on which to do better business by allowing you access to a qualified bank of information, helping you cultivate new, risk-free business relationships, or develop existing ones.

Find new, affluent customers
webSelect is a simple, though advanced tool aimed towards those working with direct marketing who require access to accurate, relevant name and address data on decision-makers — quickly and easily. UC Selekt facilitates thorough, accurate target group selection. A large number of selection parameters offer an almost unlimited combination of possibilities.

Among other things, you can combine industries, geographical areas, number of employees, turnover, solvency, business potential, and specific employees. The whole selection process only takes a matter of minutes, and your data can easily be transferred to your business database, or Excel.

Names of decision-makers
We hold the names of the leading decision-makers in Swedish business within sectors such as finance and accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, IT, and purchasing. You can easily export your names to Excel, as well as printing out labels. We also hold e-mail addresses to leading decision-makers within sectors such as finance and accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, IT, purchasing, as well as to CEOs.

Obtain valuable knowledge through unique company information
UC Selekt provides knowledge on individual companies, markets, and industries which can be invaluable ahead of making important decisions. Examining company information can be the ideal preparation in advance of a sales visit. Information such as annual accounts records, financial ratios, number of employees, decision-makers, and UC Risk class can help provide a comprehensive overview of a company´s situation. You also receive the best group information on the market, giving you the opportunity to make additional sales as well as signing group agreements with your customers.

UC Risk class assesses the risk of a company becoming insolvent within a 12-month period. Checking a company´s risk class can help you avoid devoting time and resources to prospects who turn out to be poor payers.

Analyse the potential among your business contacts
UC Selekt lets you perform analysis of your own market segments, as well as providing an overview of general financial development. Does this information tally with your own sales growth for a particular segment? You can quickly pinpoint specific areas of potential. How have your customers developed over the last few years? UC Selekt lets you target the specific customers who provide the best business development opportunities. You can also minimize risk by analyzing your customers in accordance with UC Risk.

Assess the solvency of your customers, both old and new.
UC Selekt grades companies according to UC´s unique risk class assessment scale. This highlights how both old and new customers handle their payments, giving you and your accounts department more secure grounds on which to make realistic assessments on credit risks.

Modules which can be connected to UC Selekt:

Change module — find companies who change CEO, address, industry, etc.
Group structure — for cultivation and analysis of groups.
Customer analysis — for import, selection, checks, etc.
Media coverage — monitor what is being written about your customers, your competition, and your own company.

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