Selection and segmentation

The best tools on the market for finding and analysing customers

The best tools on the market for finding and analysing customers

We can help you make more profitable address purchases, when searching for both companies and private individuals. Our tools help you to cultivate customers more profitably and allow you to keep track of your market and the world around. We can help you to:

  • Make selections from companies and private individuals, analyse relevant target groups and identify twins of your best customers
  • Find investors, potential donors, customers or suppliers – and sort them appropriately
  • Cultivate new customers with purchasing power
  • Analyse and segment your target group
  • Improve the success of your marketing activities

“UC Select suggests new companies we can cultivate in order to gain more customers. It’s a great tool for our sales support team.”

Petra Berger

Credit Administrator at Securitas Direct


Address analysis

For those requiring analysis in connection with target group selection, address selection and campaign follow-up.

  • Pinpoint your best customers
  • Profile analysis
  • Twin analysis
  • Response analysis
  • For companies as well as private individuals
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UC Select

For those who want to work independently with the market’s most comprehensive corporate database in order to analyse your target audience or identify new customers.

  • Online service which lets you perform selections and analyses
  • Identify twins of your best customers
  • Update information about your customers
  • Data on one million active companies and organisations in Sweden
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Straight selection

For those who already know their target audience and potential customers.

  • Selection and lists
  • Data on companies and private individuals
  • Ensure you get the most out of your databases
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“Besides its high quality, quick delivery and excellent personal service, we’re really interested in the way UC develops new selection and segmentation services.”

Peter Linsér

Project Manager and shareholder at Markör

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Customer service

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