Get to know and develop your customers

New insights on existing customers

Using a reliable customer directory helps you to build a genuine understanding of your clientèle. We'll teach you more about your existing customers, both corporate and private. We help you to:

  • Better understand your customers
    Obtain up-to-date addresses as well as details of lifestyle patterns, habits and behaviours. Identify your most valuable customers, and generate more of them.
  • Evaluate campaign results
    Analyse the impact of your targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure your customer data is accurate
    Using a reliable, up-to-date customer directory helps you to build a genuine understanding of your clientèle.

Customer analysis


For those who need to define their customers, generate personas and compare with national data.

  • Target group analysis
  • Analysis of clusters and market segments
  • Identify lucrative customers
  • Lifestyles and behaviours

Directory maintenance


For those who need to ensure their customer directories are always up-to-date.

  • Accurate addresses for your customers
  • A single database with no duplicates
  • Avoid contacting deceased persons

Respondent analysis


For those who need to know how their campaigns went.

  • Measure campaign efficiency
  • Analyse respondent customers/prospects
  • Analyse campaign profitability
  • Identify improvements ahead of future campaigns

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