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UC Seal — shows your credit score

With a UC Sigill (Seal) on your web page your customers and suppliers will know that you have a secure and genuine company. The seal is a quality stamp showing that your company is credit worthy and has good survival ability according to our objective risk evaluation model UC Risk.

Credit score 3, 4 or 5?
Choose if your seal is to be shown when your company has credit score 3 to 5 or only at one or more of the score. If your company were to receive a lower score the Seal would not be shown. The Seal is updated daily with the day´s date. More information about UC Risk.

UC Seal for web pages
When you have placed a subscription order for your seal you will receive instructions and a code string to be placed on your web page. This way you can choose yourself where to place the seal. The daily update will be carried out automatically.

UC Seal for printed matter All companies with today´s highest score according to UC Risk can order a specially designed seal that can be used as printed matter in for example customer correspondence and invoices. The Seal, shown in the picture above, indicates the credit score at the time of the order and comes with that day´s date.

UC Sigill (Seal) can be delivered on Swedish companies and you can select the text to be in English, Swedish or German.