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UC's solution for the credit process

UC has an extensive experience in business expertise to develop and manage solutions supporting the entire credit application process. Our credit application process solutions are based on world-leading products combined with UC's unique analytical competence. UC is the leading business and credit information agency and guarantees a safe, secure delivery.

Quick, cost effective, flexible and secure credit process
UC's solutions streamlines the credit assessment process. The entire process is managed in the solution — from scanning of the credit application, credit assessment and final decision, up to archiving of the complete application. UC's solutions provides a cost-effective application management with a controlled degree of risk.

In brief, UC's solutions increases decision accuracy, allowing a quicker response to the customers. The high flexibility within the solution generates great opportunities to customize according to your specific requirements to achieve consistent and accurate decisions with preferred risk level.

Optimizing your credit process
UC's skilled analysts are specialists in optimizing the credit process for each company's specific requirements. The analysts help you gain more knowledge about your customer portfolio and contribute to the development of your business and credit strategies. An analysis of the current strategies generates competitive advantages to target the right customers with the right offering with the overall objective to boost profitability with a controlled risk