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About cookies

Under the Swedish Electronic Communications Act, last amended on 1 July 2011, all visitors to websites using cookies shall be provided with information about them, in addition to actively providing consent for their use.

A cookie is small text file which is stored on a visitor´s computer system. This file contains information which is used to enhance the visitor´s use of the website and facilitate access to its various functions, for example.


Cookies on this website

UC uses cookies at the domain www.uc.se.


Session cookies

Session cookies are temporarily stored in the memory of the user´s computer during the time he/she is visiting a particular site, for example, to find out if he/she is still logged in, or which language he/she is using, etc. Session cookies are not stored on the user´s system for an extended period, but are erased when the user closes his/her browser.
UC.se uses a cookie which tracks the visitors logged in to the site. Without this cookie, it would not be possible to log in to the portal and gain access to UC´s services.
The uc.se domain also has a cookie for identifying users logged into its CMS, in order to issue the correct permissions.
A further session cookie is used to ensure the user is always directed to the same web server.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are used to gather information in order to serve customised content to visitors, as well as for web statistics, for example. These types of cookies originate from providers other than those operating the website itself.
At UC.se, we use Google Analytics in order to evaluate the use of the website with the aim of utilising the information to enhance user experience. This cookie accumulates information on trends and patterns without identifying individual visitors. A unique configuration of cookies is used for every website, and visitors are not tracked across multiple sites.
On occasion, we may use third party cookies from other companies in order to conduct web surveys — and, in such cases, only to ensure the survey is displayed a certain number of times for each visitor and only during the period the survey is being carried out.


Flash cookies

Flash cookies are a technical construction with similarities to regular cookies. Almost every browser is equipped with a Flash player, used to display Flash presentations. We use Flash presentations to serve our own video material, which is published through YouTube, at our website.

Providing consent to the use of cookies

By visiting UC.se, you are providing consent to the use of cookies at our website. However, it is possible to decline the use of cookies — find out more in the next section.

How to decline the use of cookies

You may delete cookies from your hard drive whenever you wish, although this may result in the disappearance of your personal settings. You can also change the settings in your browser to prevent cookies being saved on your hard drive. However, this may impair functionality on certain websites, restrict access to membership sites as well as affecting accessibility to certain content and functions. If your browser has “incognito mode", this may be activated in order to automatically delete all cookies each time you close your browser.

Without cookies, you have to order login details

Without certain cookies, it will not be possible to log in to UC. In this case, the order can be placed by calling +46 (0) 8 670 00 00.