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About the UC group

The UC Group is formed by parent company UC AB alongside its subsidiaries, UC Marknadsinformation AB, UC allabolag AB, UC Affärsfakta AB and UC Bostadsvärdering AB. Across the Group, UC is broadening and expanding its activities in areas with a natural connection to its core business. The companies collaborate and create synergies to produce a range of excellent services and benefits for our customers.
  • Principal owners: Nordea, SEB, Handelsbanken, Swedbank
  • Turnover: MSEK 600
  • 300 employees
  • 350 000 customers

We offer not only reports from our large database but also credit monitoring and qualified financial analysis. Our company is highly computerized and our commercial and credit reports are produced from a database which contains information on all enterprises registered in Sweden and all individuals over 16 years of age living in Sweden.

UC supports you during the entire business process

In order to give our customers universal support, we have developed a broad suite of solutions providing assistance throughout the entire business process. UC´s customers include banks, large corporations and small businesses, and contractors. We also offer services aimed at private individuals, at www.minUC.se. Here you can check your credit report, and protect your identity in order to minimise the risk of credit fraud.

UC's Business Concept is: "To facilitate credit and commercial decisions while maintaining high ethical standards."



is Sweden´s leading business and credit reference agency. We help our customers make risk-free business decisions by providing the market´s most comprehensive credit reference data alongside unique analysis tools and a range of other effective solutions. We also provide support to sales and marketing units seeking to develop lucrative client-relationships on both consumer and commercial markets. UC´s commercial services can be found at UC.se, while our consumer services can be found at minUC.se. The website minUC.se is in Swedish.
Our services provide the basis for millions of decisions for companies, both small and large, across a multitude of industries and public sector organisations, in addition to private individuals. Owned by the Swedish business banks, UC employs approximately 250 people based in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. UC AB was formed in 1977.
Our corporate name is UC AB and our Board of Directors is registered in Stockholm.
Corporate identity number: 556137-5113

UC Marknadsinformation AB

help our clients transform their customer information as well as to find new prospects and audiences to process. Our aim is to strengthen our clients' customer relationships and thereby increase profitability and efficiency in the customer's sales and marketing organization. Read more about and contact us >>

UC Bostadsvärdering AB

provides “Independent Online Residential Property Valuation". The company offers automated residential property valuation services supplied to its customers over the internet. UC Bostadvärdering AB also supplies advanced analysis of broader property ownership as well as statistics on price development.

UC Affärsfakta AB

focuses on offering straightforward, easily accessible products to the business world within market and credit information. Reports from UC Affärsfakta provide just the right information on your customers and suppliers, making it easier for you to choose whom to do business with. We also offer certificates and seals which vouch for your company´s credit worthiness, enhance its reputation and boost its competitive edge.

UC allabolag AB

is Sweden´s most popular service for those wishing to find out more about the nation´s companies. Visit www.allabolag.se and find out information about companies´ turnover, annual financial results, industry sector, board of directors and address, for example. Learn more at allabolag.se (a websitte in Swedish)


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