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We provide companies with digital housing information

Our digital services provide our customers with fast and updated information. Speed, security and constant need for adjustments are some of the reasons why our customers choose us. We offer valuation services, Housing Association (BRF) services and property information services.

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Quick and easy valuation of one or more properties.

Market leading statistics

The market's best statistics on BRF apartments.

Updated and broad register

Information about all of Sweden's buildings and properties.

Our services


For companies who require quick valuation of one or more properties.

  • Property valuation – statistical valuation of small houses and, BRF apartments. Available online and as integrated solution.
  • Stock valuation – large volumes of subjects, provided through an integrated solution

Area price (ortspris)

  • Advanced search, map and draw functions for selecting areas
  • Advanced search and filter settings
  • Edit search results
  • Export to Excel, trend charts and report function
  • Online service
  • Web tool

BRF Services

For those requiring market-leading statistics on Swedish housing associations.

  • BRF financial statements and financial plans (registered)
  • BRF signal
  • BRF fee analysis
  • BRF loan
  • BRF annual report
  • BRF financial plan, cost calculation

BRF information

  • Apartment register, residential addresses, board information
  • Other: genuine / non-genuine association, energy class and auditor comments

BRF Reports

  • We also offer customized reports based on the information above

Housing information

Updated information about all properties in Sweden - all gathered in one place.

  • Property address
  • Owner(s)
  • Historical purchases
  • Mortgages
  • Contract rights
  • Tax information (eg living space and year of construction)
  • Energy class
  • Property risk - calculates climate risks on Swedish objects

What UC Real Estate does

  • UC Real Estate offers instant valuations of all single-family homes and condominiums in Sweden.
  • UC Area price is an advanced tool for selection and collection of statistics based on title deeds and contracts on all property types throughout Sweden, such as single-family homes, BRF apartments, agricultural and industrial properties. The service can be used as a complement to online valuation in case of uncertainty.
  • We collect and register information from annual reports for housing associations (BRF). We offer income statements and balance sheets, information on associations' loans, key figure-based signaling tools, fee analyzes and tailor-made reports.
  • Properties: with direct connection to “Lantmäteriet”, UC Real Estate offers newly developed easy-to read property reports (FastighetPlus) and flexible solutions for retrieving property information such as mortgages, owners, tax information and energy class. The Property Risk service is available as an option.
  • We support a fully integrated process from development to production. With today's high demands on integrity, we have support for a completely anonymised development of new digital processes.
  • Private individuals cannot buy our services.


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