UC Sigill

PREFERENCE CONSULTING AND DEVELOPMENT corporate identity number 556735-5234 has on 27 April 2017 attained the status of UC GOLD (HIGHEST CREDITWORTHINESS)


UC GOLD accreditation testifies that PREFERENCE CONSULTING AND DEVELOPMENT is a stable, reliable partner with which to do business. This credit rating is based on UC Risk Corporate, the market’s most reliable model for credit assessment. Updated on a daily basis, UC Risk indicates the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent within one year.


UC is Sweden’s leading business and credit reference agency. We help our customers make risk-free business decisions by providing the market’s most comprehensive credit reference data alongside unique analysis tools and a range of other effective solutions. Our services provide the basis for millions of decisions for companies, both small and large, across a multitude of industries and public sector organisations, in addition to private individuals. Owned by the Swedish business banks, UC employs approximately 250 people based in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.