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UC Risk classes show your credit rating

UC Seals and Certificates are available for grade 5, 4 and 3.

UC Seal and UC Certification is based on the credit rating system UC Risk Företag. UC Risk calculates the risk that a company becomes insolvent within one year. With insolvency UC means a situation where the company cannot meet all its payment obligations. All Swedish companies are classified in Risk Classes 1 to 5, where 5 means the lowest risk of insolvency, in order to easily assess whether this risk is high or low for a company.

Risk Class 5 - Gold Seal

The company is expected to have the highest credit rating.
99.76% or greater probability of survival.

Risk Class 4 - Silver Seal

The company is expected to have good credit.
99.26 to 99.76% probability of survival.

Risk Class 3 - Bronze Seal

The company is deemed to be creditworthy.
96.94 to 99.26% probability of survival.
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