PSD2 and Open Banking

Get to know your customer so you can make even better decisions

Our service offers access to completely new refined bank account data in accordance with the EU's second payment services directive (PSD2.) Are you, for example, a bank or loan broker who today needs to collect information from the consumer about income and expenses? Then you will benefit greatly from this service.

How can PSD2 help me?

PSD2 data will help you as a business get to know your customers better and thus help you make even better decisions. Enento Group, which includes UC, has developed a smart service that is already used by several customers in both Sweden and Finland.

Through this service, both banks themselves and third parties can access bank account information with the consumer's consent.

  • Simplify the process of verifying current income
  • Access categories and insights of the transaction data
  • Means great opportunities with new account and transaction data and completely new ways to create value for you as our customer
  • Reduce the risk of over-indebtedness
  • Simplify the process of verifying the correct account


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