Corporate Reports

Give more customers the green light

UC's Corporate Reports allow you to check a customer's creditworthiness and ability to pay. Accurate data allows you to do more business, by grant credit to creditworty customers and requesting advance payment or other payment terms for customers carrying a high risk. Obtaining a credit report is an excellent way of avoiding unnecessary credit losses. Above all, it provides excellent data for choosing the right customers.

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Why choose UC Corporate Reports

  • More reliable business
  • Avoid unnecessary credit losses
  • Automate your credit review process with UC's integrated solutions
  • Give more customers the green light by requesting advance payment or other payment terms for customers carrying a higher risk
  • Warning signs in cases where a customer has misappropriated his credit with other creditors.

Our credit reports for companies

We have a range of options depending on your needs, whether requesting a single report to comprehensive solutions for those involved in the entire credit process. The options we provide can be found below. And of course, we can also help you find just the right option for your company.

Individual reports

Individual reports are easiest to obtain through our online services.

  • Accessible online or via your mobile
  • Credit insurance is included

High volume requests

When you need information on large numbers of companies.

  • We customise information in line with your needs
  • More efficient retrieval of data for analysis and updates which streamlines the whole process for you


Integrate data with your own business management system.

  • Accurate information straight to your business management system without exception
  • Streamline your routines and credit processes
  • Avoid the need to switch between different systems

More information

As our reports refer to companies of all sizes operating in all industries, different information is provided accordingly. However, most reports contain the following:

Traffic light

Green, amber or red – the traffic light provides a quick, clear indication of whether you should grant or decline the customer's request.

Risk class and risk forecast

Risk class and risk forecast are used to calculate the likelihood of a company sustaining financial problems in the forthcoming 12-month period. The risk class helps you to determine if the risk forecast is high or low. Among other data, our calculation is based on annual accounts, board of directors/shareholders, records of non-payment, size and age.

Corporate reports for the Nordic region can be obtained as specified above. We can also provide reports for most European countries, although the information which can be obtained may vary from country to country, as we work with analysis firms based in the relevant nation.

Read more about our Overseas Reports

We provide a number of additional services perfectly suited to those working with large volumes of reports.


UC stores the reports you request for you so you can quickly and easily obtain overviews or specific details when required. For example, you can see the circumstances under which specific lines of credit were granted previously. Your reports are securely stored by UC with no risk of unauthorised access, and you can set the permissions to be assigned to individual agents who require access to reports.

Automatic credit decisions

Automatic credit decisions help you to make quick, effective judgements. This service utilises credit frameworks, with scorecards and policies which are tailored to your company's needs.


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