Credit reports on private individuals

For those requiring financial assessment of private individuals, in connection with credit agreements, guarantees or rental agreements. Consumer reports help you do more reliable business with our wide range of options depending on the type of information you need. Let UC's tried and trusted risk models and credit assessment expertise help you.

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Valued security

We always notify when lost ID documents are reported lost and warn you if a customer mismanages their credit with other lenders.

Unique credit register

With the help of our unique credit register, you have access to the same information as the whole of credit Sweden.

Adapted to your needs

We offer different solutions based on your needs. Whether you just need a single piece of information or integrate automated complete solutions.

How can you order our reports?

We have a range of options depending on your needs, whether requesting a single report to comprehensive solutions for those involved in the entire credit process. The options we provide can be found below. And of course, we can also assist in finding just the right option for your company.

Online services

Individual reports are easiest to obtain through our online services.

1-100 reports
The UC Direkt service is suitable if you need between 1-100 reports per year.


Integrate data with your own business management system.

More than 100 reports

  • Always correct information directly into your business system
  • Streamline your routines and credit processes
  • No need to switch between different systems

Depending on your needs

When you need information on large numbers of private individuals.

  • We sort and select the relevant data in order to streamline the whole process for you

Our credit reports for private individuals

We provide a range of credit information, ensuring you can find the option which best suits your needs.

Consumer Report

A comprehensive credit report containing, among other details, the latest events, details of income two years back in time, credit commitments, property holdings, remarks, historical remarks and debt balances. UC risk forecast and credit templates can always be added.

Consumer Mikro report

A less comprehensive credit report containing remarks and debt balances.

Address / personal data check

Address and personal data check. Does not include credit assessment.

Consumer Report Overseas

Consumer Reports for the Nordic region can be obtained as specified above. We can also provide reports for most European countries, although the information which can be obtained may vary from country to country, as we work with credit agencies based in the respective nations.



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