Company valuation

When you want to value a business

Know how much your company is worth? Or maybe you need to check the value of another business? There are many instances in which an independent valuation of a company can be of great benefit:

  • When you need extensive decision-making data
  • When you need a tangible total valuation for a company as well as the value per share
  • When comparing your company with the competitors

Company valuation provides a manual, independent, reliable valuation of a company – either your own or someone else's. We offer highly accurate valuations of limited liability companies, trading partnerships, limited partnerships, sole trader enterprises or large Groups. Our valuations are based on 10 years' annual accounts data as well as data from accounts yet to be registered. Recent business conducted by the company as well as the hidden value of properties or machines are also taken into account. Valuations can be obtained for your company, a competitor or a company you are thinking about acquiring.

“Valuations from UC played a key role when discussing prices as part of our corporate acquisitions.”

Company Valuation


For those requiring a quick, indicative share value for a limited liability company.

  • Share value
  • The value is based on the company performing in line with how the industry has behaved historically
  • Mechanical analysisunaffected by the analyst's assumptions and does not take into account unofficial information such as preliminary financial statements or the company's own future forecast

Price: SEK 6 995


Company Valuation


Suitable for when a co-owner is to be bought out, when you have received a takeover bid or when a generational change is to be made

  • Cash flow valuation (DCF), the market's most established valuation model.
  • Performed by experienced analysts in dialogue with you.
  • Opportunity for you to contribute with internal information about the company and its future development potential.
  • Preliminary financial statements can be included in the analysis.
  • The analysis is normally delivered within 5 working days


Price SEK 9 995


Company Valuation


Fundamenta as well as a consultation by an Analyst. In addition to Fundamenta, Exclusive also includes the following:

  • Preliminary financial statements can be included in the analysis.
  • You (and other stakeholders if desired) will get the opportunity to have 120 minutes of consultation with the analyst.
  • The analyst performs the simulation steps that you wish to evaluate in different forecast scenarios.
  • The analysis is normally delivered within 5 working days
  • Able to valuate other legal entities than limited companies

Price SEK 14 995


“UC’s valuation reports are presented in an informative way so you can easily identify where value is created in the company. In addition, it’s really interesting to compare by industry and look at key performance indicators.”

"We use valuations in our day-to-day work to optimise our work-flows and increase profitability in the company.

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