Company valuation

How much is a company worth?

We offer two independent valuation methods, through our online tool (Premium) or tailor-made by business analysts (Fundamenta). All to give you the most updated value for what a Swedish company is worth – either your own or someone else's.

Quality assured

When you need extensive decision-making data.

Economic forecast

When you need a tangible total valuation for a company as well as the value per share.

Comparative assessment

When comparing your company with competitors.

How does it work?

As we are Sweden’s leading business and credit reference agency, we offer high-quality corporate valuations of companies. Other legal entities and individual businesses can also be valued depending on access to financial statements. Valuation of a larger group can only be performed when consolidated financial statements are available.

Our valuations are based on ten years of annual accounts data as well as data from accounts yet to be registered. Recent business conducted by the company as well as the hidden value of properties or machines is also taken into account. Valuations can be obtained for your company, a competitor or a company you are thinking about acquiring.


6995 kr ex. moms

Suitable when you quickly want an indicative asset value of a company.

  • Share value
  • The value is based on the company performance in line with how the industry has behaved historically
  • The analysis is produced based on the following criteria being met and delivering an automatic value based on UC's valuation model Premium (RIV)

Requirements that must be met for valuation:

  • Corporation with at least 3 registered financial statements with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket).
  • The most recently submitted financial statements must not be older than 24 months
  • Active company with positively adjusted equity for all years
  • Some turnover for the last three years
  • Risk classified by UC
  • Unambiguous financial statement history to enable future forecasts


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Frequently asked questions

You can choose what suits you best either English or Swedish.

Yes. It doesn't necessarily have to be your company, it could also be a competitor or a company you're considering buying.

Company valuation reports can be delivered online as fast as the information can be loaded. For Premium it takes 1-2 working days. When it comes to Fundamenta, on average it takes approximately 5–10 working days for a professional analyst to complete a thorough business valuation, for Premium it takes 1-2 working days.

We also offer same day delivery, if you are in need of that please contact us.