Quality and sustainability


Quality is a key part of our DNA. We focus on quality in order to provide our customers with competitive services and solutions meeting the highest standards. By working systematically with preventative measures in our processes, we are able to meet the high expectations of our customers.

We work with established, documented processes throughout the process chain, with SS-EN ISO 9001 as a guideline. In the area of product and service development, we work with well-known models for project management, system development, testing and operation. To ensure high standards when delivering to our customers, we also apply effective, documented processes during our sales activities.

Areas in which we have quality targets include the time it takes for data to be included in our credit reference register after having become available, error rates when registering data, operational reliability and accessibility, response times for our staff and the way we communicate with customers. We continually develop our quality management for both customers and employees, regularly performing surveys on customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

The guidelines outlined in SS-EN ISO 9001 form the basis of our quality management. Our work on information security complies with the ISO/IEC 27000 guidelines. UC AB falls under the supervision of the Swedish Data Protection Authority, and is subject to regular inspections.

Social responsibility & sustainability

Gaining access to accurate, relevant, up-to-date information as a basis for companies' business decisions is an essential part of a well-functioning society. Our social responsibility is based on providing our customers with accurate decision-making data. This facilitates responsible credit provision, with as much credit as possible being granted at the best possible terms and the risks of over-indebtedness being minimised.

Our ambition is to contribute to a society in which there is strong confidence in an enterprise, the market economy and the rule of law. We strive to attain a high level of ethics in all our commercial relationships. This requires a long-term approach in addition to a high degree of transparency with respect to owners, employees, customers, legislative bodies, authorities and the people and companies affected by the information we provide.

We are committed to complying with Swedish laws and regulations without exception. We also follow the OECD's principles and standards on responsible business activities as a benchmark.

We work with sustainability within four areas:

1) A sustainable workplace
2) Our own environmental impact
3) How we contribute to a more sustainable economy in the society
4) How we develop sustainable services

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