A payment remark can be about a felparkeringsavgift to a trängselskatt and many things in between


Payment remarks for private individuals are kept for three years (36 months) and for legal entities for five years (60 months) from the date of the event.

An application of different sorts remain for two years after the close of the year when the event took place, which means that the application can be presented for up to three years.

Data concerning misused bank accounts and mismanaged credit are kept for three years (36 months) and misused credit cards for 24 months. The information is only available to company who has Finansinspektionen as a supervisory authority such as banks and authorized finance companies.

Trade prohibitions are presented for three years after the circumstance ceases to apply.

Down below is a selection of taxes and fees and some of the other payment remarks.

Type of complaint Source
Excise duty Swedish Transport Agency
Inheritance tax Swedish Tax Agency
Employed person's (A-skatt) tax/employer's contribution (Co-ordinated collection) Swedish Tax Agency
Charge for unlawful construction Municipalities
Eviction Swedish Enforcement Authority
Construction and special charge Municipalities
Exemption charges under the Vehicle Emission Act Swedish Transport Agency
Various government claims Swedish Enforcement Authority
Various other claims Swedish Enforcement Authority
Economic assistance Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Service charge Various authorities
Parking fines Swedish Transport Agency
Business (F-skatt) tax/special employed person's (A-skatt) tax Swedish Tax Agency
Company reorganisation District Court 1)
Late filing penalty Swedish Companies Act Swedish Companies Registration Office
Gift tax Swedish Tax Agency
Bankruptcy petition District Court 1) /Swedish Enforcement Authority
Bankruptcy District court via PoIT
Cost regional agricultural board proceedings National Land Survey
Coupon tax Swedish Tax Agency
Tax arrears Swedish Tax Agency
Survey fee National Land Survey
Misused overdraft credit Credit market company 3)
Misused overdraft credit (petrol card) Petrol company 4)
Misused bank account Bank 3)
Mismanaged credit Bank 3)
VAT Swedish Tax Agency
Trade prohibition District Court
Price control charge Swedish Consumer Agency
Selective tax Swedish Tax Agency
Ship owner's fee Swedish Tax Agency
Sanction charge for diesel oil Swedish Tax Agency
Seamen's tax Swedish Tax Agency
Tax account Swedish Tax Agency
Debt reconstruction Swedish Enforcement Authority/District Court
Study allowances National Board of Student Aid
Stamp duty National Courts Administration
Special fee Swedish Companies Registration Office
Special income tax for artists resident abroad etc. Swedish Tax Agency
Specially debited employed person's (A) tax Swedish Tax Agency
Additional tax Swedish Tax Agency
Transport supplement Swedish Transport Agency
Judgement by default District Court 1)
Customs/import duty Swedish Customs
TV licence fee Radiotjänst (RIKAB)
Maintenance allowance National Social Insurance Office
Distraint/no assets Swedish Enforcement Authority
Judgement in cases concerning injunctions to pay 5) Swedish Enforcement Authority
Water Rights Court fee Water Rights Court
Road user charge Swedish Transport Agency
Road tax Swedish Transport Agency
Repossession of goods on hire-purchase Swedish Enforcement Authority
Overload charges Swedish Transport Agency