In order to deliver the best, most comprehensive solutions to our customers, we work with a number of partners. A selection of these can be found below.


International collaboration

BIGNet (Business Information Group Network) is a partnership between market-leading credit reference agencies in 23 nations. As the only Swedish member of BIGNet, UC provides up-to-date corporate information from nine European countries: Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and the United States

We are continually working to expand the number of accessible countries.

Nordic Credit Alliance

A Nordic network for quality and expertise.

Nordic Credit Alliance (NCA) was founded in 2014 in order to meet our customers' needs for information on companies and private individuals in our neighbouring states. The Nordic partnership between UC, Asiakastieto, in Finland, and Experian, in Denmark and Norway, provides information on over three million companies and 14 million private individuals in the Nordic nations.

The partnership helps ensure a strong local presence and delivers expertise, information and solutions of the highest quality.


Digital copies of credit reports

Our partnership with Kivra means we can work pro-actively by delivering digital copies of credit reports to private individuals' digital mailboxes, which are linked to their personal identity numbers. The Kivra digital mailbox is a secure, environmentally friendly solution which complies with the tightened privacy regulations in the Swedish Credit Information Act.

Although Kivra is our main provider of digital credit reports, we also work with other digital operators in this field.

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