About UC

We are UC. Sweden’s leading business and credit reference agency. We gather and process information so it can be used by companies and private individuals to make decisions based on trusted data.  

Since 1977, our core business has been to collect and transform data to intelligence and knowledge which are used in interactions between people, businesses and society.

Our services help businesses and consumers in their daily decision making processes, such as financial processes and sales and marketing processes. We help many different industries, the largest of which are banking and finance, small businesses, the retail trade and the service industry. 

Since 2018, UC has been part of the Nordic business information company Enento Group, which has operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Our mission

Building trust in the everyday

Our vision

As the Nordic knowledge company we power society with intelligence


Welcome to contact us by phone 08-670 90 00 or email: info@uc.se. We are open monday to thursday 08: 00-16: 30 and friday 08: 00-16: 00 (day before holiday we close at 13:00)