UC Detekt

UC Detekt helps you to avoid credit loss caused by fraudulent behavior. By checking which companies need additional inspection, the service can assist you in counteracting credit fraud and in turn, add confidence in doing business with the appropriate company.

UC Detekt is activated in connection to conducting a ‘companyReport’.

Conditions of usage

In order to use UC’s Web Service a customer agreement is required whereby you obtain a customer number and password.

Technical Solution

The API is Web Service Interoperability (WS-I) compliant and tested in various client environments, such as Java and Microsoft dotnet.

The API supports SOAP version 1.1.

The API is stateless, which implies that the authentication details have to be attached with every request.


All traffic is encrypted with ssl through HTTPS-protocol.

Contact UC

For questions regarding the API do not hesitate to contact UC by email at integration@uc.se