Getting Started

Test Environment

In order to quickly get started there is a test environment for the purpose of verifying the technical aspect of the service. Information on how to access the environment is found within the reference guide for the particular service. Furthermore, there is a list of general test objects in a separate document. For more details and ordering of a test account, please contact UC at


 Social Security Number  Information/expected answer
 198804262387  First name
 194812161596  Foreign Address
 197904182396  Historical Address
 196805029268  Special address
 199211629192  Coordination number
 197905082397  Relation = M
 199111029196  HanvisningsPersonNrByttFran
 199111022399  HanvisningsPersonNrByttTill


 Error message and blocking information  
 193604139208  Deceased >3 years provides a  blank answer
 198604133788  Deceased
 198512122394  Emigrated/nonexistent registered <3 year provides code= 0
 197911012388  Privacy markup provides = J
 193604139207  Wrong verification number
 19360413920  Wrong format - Xml does not follow scheme


In order to access and use the service, a customer number and password is required. The credentials are provided in connection to signing the agreement with UC.

Access to the service is done by stating the provided credentials within every request.


 Environment  Endpoint
SOAP Production
REST Production



The customer numbers described below are supplied by UC when the permit application is granted. The user information used for the test and production environment differ. Requests can be made either with REST or SOAP.

 Element/attribute  Explanation
 KundNrLeveransMottagare  UC Customer number that owns the server certificate, used to request the service.
 KundNrSlutKund  Customer number in SPAR for the UC customer who has been authorized to request the service.
 OrgNrSlutkund  Organisation number for UC customer in SPAR with customer number KundNrSlutkund.
 SlutAnvandarId Log for error searching and audit purpose.